Content Confidence

Get Content Confident!

Join me for my 1:1 INTENSIVE Content Confidence Programme so you can stop worrying about not having enough time to do everything, whilst still making sales in your business because you've got GREAT content! 

Sound Familiar?

You’re feeling overwhelmed with feeling like you have to be EVERYWHERE, but aren’t getting anywhere fast and need help to find a happy place with marketing that’s going to bring in more clients/customers.

You’re tired trying to keep up with the latest social media platform, but all your doing is burning yourself out and you need the confidence to follow your instincts and not be a social media sheep!  You feel like you need to be on ALL the social media platforms and keeping up is just burning you out.


You’re posting inconsistently and it’s hurting your business because you need help to boost your confidence and show up as the expert, that you are.

You’re fed up of creating content for your business and need help reigniting the spark to get engagement, enquires & sales.

Your biggest barrier is your lack of time for creating content and you need help finding sustainable ways to create high quality content to attract A* clients. 

You’re too busy focusing on actually running your business that your marketing falls by the wayside, and you need help creating a plan, that works and isn’t super time consuming.

You lack the confidence to show up and post because you’re just staring at a blank page, and need help getting out of your own way. 

Dream the Dream...

Guess what? When you find a way to work on your content in a manageable, enjoyable way, you'll see the result coming too. Spinning plates is not good for anyone, and it's certainly not good for you either - so let's make a pact to make a change for the better, NOW.


In order to make the most from your content, you need to harness the power of the 3 C's, my tried and tested framework! Clarity - Confidence - Consistency. If you don't have all three of the C's in your content strategy you won't be able to reach the dizzy heights of the 4th C - Conversion. 

Together, we will work on the 3 C's for your business, because there is no size fits all approach here.

You need Clarity first, which in turn will give you confidence. You'll then need to be consistent with your delivery so that it will help you convert! Every step of the way I'm here to support and guide you, giving you my expert knowledge and accountability. 

Are you in?

Intensive 1:1 - 2.5 hours via Zoom 

We'll create content that is strategic, showcases your business products, expertise and build the know, like, trust factor. So you can move forward feeling empowered to convert with your 90 day content plan and tools for the future. 

You will receive support for the 30 days that follow AND a 30 minute follow up call to give you feedback, support and accountability to help you achieve your content goals!



"After meeting Meg, I saw the wood for the trees"

“Before I met Meg I was signing up for all kinds of advice and spending hours scrolling the net. The hours I have wasted! Meg’s service was exactly what I had been looking for – bespoke advice based on a clear understanding of exactly what I was trying to achieve. I had been spending hours posting on social media and struggling to get engagement, making the mistake that perhaps I just needed to post more. However, after meeting Meg I saw the wood for the trees. She had researched my products across the various platforms thoroughly, digested the questionnaire (which really helped us to glean the most from our hour) and we were able to make an efficient start. I was blown away by the amount we managed to cover in just one hour. I learned how to prioritise and set myself goals, how to market more directly and she helped me to refocus on building my email subscriber list; something I knew was important but had fallen by the wayside. I was so energised and inspired by the session I spent the early hours of that morning typing up all the notes I had taken. And what was the impact? I re-started my Instagram account and improved my Facebook posting. After one week on Facebook: +34% minutes viewed, +300% 1 minute views, +157% video engagement, +800% net followers and 30 new subscribers too. I found Meg personable, positive, empathetic and knowledgeable and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to everyone!”


Content Confidence

Intensive 1:1 - 2.5 hours via Zoom.

What’s the details:

  • You'll meet me on Zoom for a 2.5 hour intensive Content Strategy Session, we'll work through the 3C's - Clarity, Confidence and Consistency. We'll start off by understanding your unique offering and who you're looking to attract. From there we'll move forward creating a CLEAR strategy that's aligned to you and your business.
  • Together we will build a 90 day content plan on using my proven Trello Template. Following on from the strategy we'll decide on your content pillars and build out the strategy around those and the marketing methods best aligned to your goals and business.
  • Unlimited private messaging for daily support using Slack for 30 days for additional guidance and feedback on your content, and to keep you on the right track witht the 3 C's.
  • We'll catch up on a follow up call to review your content, see how it's been working for you and cover anything else you'd like my support with.

What's the Investment?


Meg Does Marketing - Client Testimonial

“It has been an absolute delight to work with Meg. She is not just a freelancer, she is an extension of our in-house marketing team and she hit the ground running and most importantly, gets us!
Meg works at an extraordinary pace, she’s thorough, exacting and works strategically as well as at nuts and bolts level.
Meg looks after our content planning, across our social media platforms including ads, and our email marketing. The results have been incredibly positive and we’ve seen a huge growth in sales but also brand awareness. Meg has been one of the very best business investments we’ve made.” – Richard Trott, Purflo

Let's make the change...

  • Instead of feeling like you’re working REALLY hard to find your ideal customers, you’ll have content that calls to them and attracts them to you.
  • Swap the feeling of ‘Oh Sh*t’ when you realise you’ve not posted for a week, because you’ll have a content plan made in advance so you’ve got everything covered.
  • Prevent feeling overwhelmed by the idea of thinking up new content ideas, as you’ll have content pillars in place and a new found confidence so you can get yourself out there!
  • Stop feeling like your content is getting you nowhere, because you’ll have the 3 C’s in your back pocket!
  • Rather than feeling like your content is time consuming, you’ll be planning and scheduling your content in no time!

Are you ready?

Take some action, and let's get started.



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